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The hotline for first responders

with Dr. Allan Holmes, Iridia Medical

Original premiere date: 3 April 2020

First responders are the people rushing into a crisis when the rest of us are rushing away. They are there when criminals break the law, when a building is on fire, when someone has been hurt or is extremely ill, or when someone has fallen ill due to a pandemic.

COVID 19 not only compromises health and takes lives, but it also adds emotional and psychological stress to the women and men who respond to emergencies and crimes. Dr Allan Holmes has been working with first responders for decades, providing them with training and strategies designed to improve their workplace and their work.

Working with fire, police and ambulance, he and the team at Iridia Medical have now set up a support hotline for first responders looking for help in addressing the many questions they face regarding their well-being, and that of their families and their colleagues.

The hotline is via email. If you are a first responder and you have questions about your health and what you should do, the email address is

We invited Dr Allan Holmes of Iridia Medical to join us for a Conversation That Matters about the questions first responders have about COVID 19 and how to determine when they should or shouldn’t go to work.

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