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The Cold & Flu Rescue Kit

with Dr. Samuel Gutman

Original premiere date: 3 February 2023

You feel a tickle in your throat; you notice your child snuffling; or your older parent is zapped of energy. You can’t help but wonder: COVID?

Or what other respiratory disease is going to work inside your and your loved ones’ bodies? “We are all hyper-aware, just having endured three years of COVID”, says Dr. Samuel Gutman. “I was an ER doc who, for 3 decades, saw the look of fear on the faces of people who flooded emergency departments looking for answers.”

With more than six million Canadians who can’t get a family doc, patients have few choices to find answers. Gutman says, “So they come to the ER and, in doing so, they are creating another form of congestion – hours-long waits to see a doctor. And who can blame them?”

It’s not just COVID. The list of fears includes Strep A, Influenza A and B, and now RSVs – all of which are sending Canadian families to the ER. “I’ve treated patients who have waited more than 12 hours,`` says Gutman. “It’s heartbreaking.”

Out of compassion and necessity, Gutman and a team of other healthcare professionals went to work to develop a kit that puts the power to diagnose what is ailing you, your child, or your parents in your hands – an at-home tool called the “Cold & Flu Rescue Kit,” which provides accurate and quick test results and is backed up online and over-the-phone. The benefits are many and include knowing what is the appropriate course of action.

We invited Dr. Samuel Gutman to join us for a Conversation That Matters about tackling one of our biggest health care fears, not knowing what is wrong, and whether the government should be providing you with this valuable tool.

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