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Mining’s future in a green economy

with Michael Goehring, Mining Association of British Columbia

Original premiere date: 23 October 2020

As we forge forward into the green economy, is mining a sunset or a sunrise sector?

It’s easy to consider that mining’s glory days are behind us because we are racing toward a high tech-, solar- and wind-powered future where the future is clean and green. It’s an interesting perspective but for one problem – you can’t build any of the infrastructure or instruments of the new economy without mining.

Your phone, your computer, your EV, your coffee machine and the thousands upon thousands of products you use every day are built on the materials of the earth, which are extracted via mining.

British Columbia is one of the world’s most active mining centres of influence, innovation, R&D, geological know-how and financing. At one time, mining was front and centre in the BC economy. Today, it has faded from view. The political appetite for mining has waned and the province has been aggressive in setting environmental targets. As well, the relationship between mining companies and First Nations – upon whose land mining takes place – means the sector has undergone tremendous changes.

Today’s mining sector has embraced these changes and is positioned to address the material needs of the new and the old. We invited Michael Goehring, the President & CEO of the Mining Association of British Columbia, to join us for a Conversation That Matters about the state of mining in BC.

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