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Do Universities Matter?

with Joy Johnson, Simon Fraser University

Original premiere date: 19 August 2022

If knowledge is empowerment, does the place where you garner that knowledge matter?

“The answer is yes, it does matter,” says Joy Johnson, the President of Simon Fraser University. Johnson continues by noting, “a university degree carries with it exceptional career prospects, higher pay and it opens a person’s mind to the realm of the possible and pushes the boundaries of the seemingly impossible.”

There are many careers that are simply unattainable without a university degree such as in health, the sciences, technology, business, law and education. There is also a perception that universities are a place where you can explore ideas from a variety of perspectives and that you are free to do so.

Stuart McNish invited Joy Johnson, the President of Simon Fraser University, to join him for a Conversation That Matters about the complex, diverse, and critical role of universities in our economy and society.

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