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Entrepreneurs can Change the World (If We Let Them)

with Sean Bromley, venture capitalist

Original premiere date: 11 January 2019

Brainpower, initiative and vision are the backbone of entrepreneurship, and entrepreneurship is the backbone of the economy.

Committed intellectual persistence coupled with a desire to meet the needs of society can – and does – change the world.

Entrepreneurs create ideas that become companies that become jobs, economic activity and taxes. Canadian entrepreneurs understand their role and they are reshaping our country, our cities and our world. In science, technology, design, manufacturing and resource development, entrepreneurs are a key resource that has a direct impact on GDP.

The challenge to realizing entrepreneurial potential and impact is government – it has a habit of standing in the way especially during the start-up stage. Rules, regulations and taxes handcuff entrepreneurs’ desire to create new markets and businesses. Governments love to talk about the value of small business and then collectively they introduce overly burdensome processes that prevent experimentation and reduce risk tolerances, because there is no wiggle room left.

Add in the cost of living, and Vancouver is a difficult place to launch an innovation company. We invited venture capitalist Sean Bromley to join us for a Conversation That Matters about the remarkable potential that is waiting to be unleashed in Vancouver, if only the business development climate was warmer.

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