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What is the human impact of the Site C dam?

with Ken Boon and Bob Fedderly

Original premiere date: 21 June 2019

If you thought the fight over Site C was over, well, you’d be wrong. The people who have been opposed to the building of the dam? They say isn’t needed and are watching closely as the mega-project continues to claws its way into the banks of the Peace Canyon.

The Peace Valley Landowner Association, along with the Blueberry River and Moberly First Nations, continue to argue the project is not needed, is environmentally unsound and will ultimately be a colossal waste of money. As proof, they point to the C.D. Howe report of January 2019, which says that cancelling the project and replacing it with alternative energy sources will be less expensive than completing the project, even when factoring in sunk costs.

The Boons, whose farm has been expropriated because it will be underwater once the dam is completed, invited us to take a look at the project from his perspective, which he maintains is not needed.

We sat down with Ken Boon and Bob Fedderly in the Boon family kitchen for a Conversation That Matters about the project Premier Horgan campaigned against only to approve once in office.

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